Dealing with a Spouse Addicted to Gambling

spouse addicted to gambling

Problem gambling is horrible-it not only affects the individual so deeply, but also takes a hit at every single person in their life. Click to learn more about this growing problem. An addiction like gambling becomes a problem that affects your entire community and to think it all started with a simple bet. If things get out of control and escalated to the point where your wife/husband, parents and friends tell you there’s a problem, then do not doubt that there is one. If you are experiencing problem gambling, read more to find out how it is impacting the closest people in your life. If your husband/wife is a problem gambler, read on to find ways to deal with the problem.

Start to oversee your finances

As soon as you see your spouse heading that direction, start to oversee all your bank accounts yourself. Limit credit cards and do this secretly. If they question you about it, just make up an excuse that has nothing to do with gambling. In the end they will thank you for this move. Keep your own finances safe from them. If you keep any loose cash in the house, open up a safety deposit box or just find an alternative means of storage.

If your spouse starts to promise you that they will seek help, give them a chance by restricting the amount of access to the family’s money. Gambling addicts are expert liars and borrowers. Expect your spouse to use blunt threats or emotional manipulation if they are heavily affected. Don’t fall for any cheap ploys. Remind yourself what’s more important.

Be Kind

Pathological gambling can be linked to mental health issues. Keep this in mind when confronting your partner about their addiction. You would think that it would be easy to find the off switch on a gambling problem, but it isn’t. don’t think of your spouse as the evil that needs to be eliminated, rathe regard them as a sick patient. Approach them with care and kindness, but most importantly be patient with them.

Don’t enable their gambling

gambling machine


You love your husband/wife therefore are willing to help them and both of you get past this problem. Of course, this means doing anything possible. However, there will be days when your husband/wife comes at you and asks you to clear off one of their debts. What to do? Of course, you want to be a loving partner and you’ll get them out of the jam. This is termed as ’enabling the addiction’. It is basically any act that is done with the intention of removing or lessening the negative effects of an action. It could get to a point where your spouse doesn’t make any effort to stop gambling while you are doing all the enabling.

Seek support

Don’t carry the burden of addiction on your own. that’s one of the surefire ways that gets you hating your partner in the long run. This is a stressful time for you too because you have to be the rock of the household. Share your problems with a close friend, one of your husband’s family members or better yet, a therapist or doctor who can advise you on possible treatments.

Practice these steps in your household if you are living with a problem gambler. It is disappointing that you had to be in this situation, but the good news is that you can overcome this.…


Here are some best tips for a professional who wishes to be more productive in his work in the office than the usual.

Set time for everything. We all have the same 24 hours a day but what differs is how we spend it. If we set time for each task a day for sure we would be able to accomplish it at the end of the day. In that way, our task would be more organized.

Do your tasked activities together and do not leap from one task to another. If you have tasks like replying to emails, do it in one setting in every morning. Do not check and reply emails every time there is a new one. Chances are it will be time-consuming, especially if you have other tasks to do.


Start your day with complicated tasks. Work through it early in the morning with a fresh mood because it will give you more ideas and you have a better chance of accomplishing by the end of the day.

Be willing to spend your free time with someone you want to learn from. In this case, you would be able to acquire new learning especially in improving your work. This is an opportunity for you to learn so do not disregard this.

Save before you spend. Most of the time our salaries would not be able to reach the following month due to our expenses. So, the better way to save and not to end up with loans is to minus the savings every time your salaries arrives and spend what is left.

Have time for yourself. Have a schedule to get out of your work environment and relaxed. Be with nature or spend time with your family.

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What is it that Attracts the Many Regular Students and Fresh Visitors Each Year

Canford Summer School of Music is well into its second half century and our commitment has never been stronger, our programming never wider and our reputation never higher.

What is it that attracts the many regular students and fresh visitors each year from all corners of the world? Everyone will give you a different answer. Some will say the coaching of the highest standard (but given in a sympathetic style where individuals of differing abilities find their own levels, developing their talents and enthusiasm at their own pace).

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Others will say the range of courses, whether as a soloist, in groups, choirs, orchestras or simply expanding the enjoyment and understanding of music. Maybe it is the atmosphere where life-long friendships form and grow year by year; or perhaps it is the setting itself, in the centre of the pretty market town of Sherborne.

Of course, our particular character comes from all of these things and more….that special blend of the professional with the informal, of planning and spontaneity, of tradition with innovation. We understand that people’s needs and tastes change (see our new course, the Can’t Read Music Choir) and that we must keep pace with them. But we never lose sight of the traditional values of friendliness, efficiency and excellence of value which have given the summer school its unsurpassed international reputation.

Whatever your age, whether you want to get away from things, or get into the middle of them, we are sure you will find Canford at Sherborne the ideal place for combining the maximum enjoyment of committed music-making with a very special holiday – see you there! Discover more……

Amber Mark’s New Single Heatwave Released via Interscope/Virgin EMI

Summer might be coming to its close, but it lives forever on Amber Mark’s new single Heatwave released via Interscope/Virgin EMI.

It is the first solo song to follow up her debut EP 3:33am which she dropped in May earlier this year. The German American singer who writes and produces all of her own music gives us a summer banger that just makes you want to go out and have a good time.

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The track has a bongo-heavy, house-inspired colorful production with a catchy piano line that paints a picture of dancing under the blazing sun which is exactly what inspired the 23-year-old to write the tune: “Heatwave is different to anything I’ve written before. It just completely has that feel of summer for me. I wrote it just as it was getting hot here in NYC and we’d just came out of the longest Winter… Play it loud.”

Genre-bending Amber Mark is set to tour North America in fall so be sure to grab some tickets if you’re around. For now, enjoy Heatwave and the last joys of summer below.

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We Were All Ready to Run With it Until Charles Clarke Announced That He’s Ordered a Complete Review of Their Policy

I had a chat with Lyndon about resurrecting our poster campaign for the reclassification of cannabis. We were all ready to run with it until Charles Clarke announced that he’s ordered a complete review of their policy.

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I argued that we could still use them, but Lyndon vetoed that. A shame really as I think they were quite good. Lyndon’s always had a problem with our cannabis policy.

He says we’re open to attack because Labour’s policy is popular with the voters and saves loads of police time. I don’t think the people who smoke this stuff will be bothered to vote anyway, but he simply pointed to the ‘hash cake’ granny standing against Peter Hain.

Anyway, can’t stop now – I’m off to Kent for an Eduction photo-op.

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The physical outlook of a car depends on the choice of paint the owner makes for the car. If the choice of paint is made wisely, the car will always look new, even when it is very old in reality. Everyone would love the feeling of attracting other people’s attention with their cars.

Though there exist many types of car paints with different characteristics, a lot of key factors have to be considered before picking one. The following are the ultimate best guidelines for finding the best car painting tips. If properly followed, you will certainly end up with the best paint that you shall never regret choosing for your car.


One must consider whether the paint he is about to order for his car shall last for long or has a short life. Some paints would pell off as some appear to burn in a few years after the painting is done. I am sure this will only increase costs for repainting and consume your time in the process hence inconveniencing the owner of the car.
A good car paint should be durable. By this, it will save you on the costs of repainting you may incur more frequently over the period you own that car.


The best paint for cars should also be thick. Basically, car paints exist in layers. These layers should be thick to render the paint resistant to scratching. Only a small scratch on your car that interferes with the paint will always appear very conspicuous.

Essential steps – Thickest paints should, therefore, be preferred to any other.


Here, I imply that you should be keen on the color. Darker colors are harder to maintain. This owes to the fact that dust or even mud that may sometimes get splashed onto your car is brown. The brown color appears conspicuous in dark colors and this is the reason. Another color that is not good with mud or dust is obviously white.

To avoid this problem, silver or champagne colors are the best choices.

If used well, the above guidelines will lead you to the best paint ever and you will thank me for the information. Click here for more..

Written by: awiko96

The Popularity Of Online Sports Betting

Even though sports betting has always been a taboo subject in come circles, these days more and more people are opened about this topic and are eager to share their experiences. While it is understandable why many people enjoy betting: the prospect of winning a large amount of money fast and easy, as with all things, moderation is the key. If you do decide to bet on your favorite events, you need to do it on a reliable website, that has been verified by many people and that you can really trust. The thing about online betting is that you can do everything from the privacy of your own home. Many people are fascinated with online betting because they are reluctant to go in regular betting agencies. Every time you go in a place like that it is crowded and you can never find all the information you need. On the other hand, online you can always browse through various sports, check out the betting quotas of each team or players and make your betting ticket nice and easy.

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Online ????? has evolved to a point where people actually prefer it to going to regular agencies for various reasons, the most important one being privacy. However, there are many other factors that come into play. For instance, the diversity of betting options or the possibility of winning more money have persuaded many people to switch to the online version of things. Of course, the fact that you can pay everything with your credit card and wire your winnings directly into your account is a very important advantage as well. There are many online betting sites where people can place their bets. Websites such as 188? have considerably grown in popularity over the last few years. In fact, most people enjoy reading reviews of betting sites in order to be sure they are choosing the best one for them. While most of these websites have similar offers, it pays to be careful about the details, because you could win quite a lot of money from just a few minor differences, especially if you are planning to bet a lot.

The popularity of online betting is constantly growing as more and more people choose to bet this way. Whether it is because of the larger winning, the wider variety of bets that can be placed as well as the increased privacy, one can truly say that online betting is only going to evolve from this point on. However, those who are not very experienced in this field and wish to embark on a betting adventure should definitely take into account the possibility of doing some research regarding their betting options and find one which site is best. At the end of everything it comes down to intuition. Sometimes, even though your least favorite them has the best chances of winning, you should still bet on it to avoid losing your investment. As always, no matter what type of betting you are planning to do, you should always be moderated and make sure you have everything under control.

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Three Essential Steps To Successful Online Gambling

The Internet has become out number one source for information, products and services, there is no doubt about it, and when it comes to entertainment the online environment definitely has an important stand. This fact is perhaps best represented by the online gambling industry, which has expanded incredibly over the years. Millions and millions of people all over the world resort to online bookmakers when it comes to placing bets on sporting events and gambling on casino games. Online betting can actually be a steady income source, although it has many associated risks, but there are a few steps that you need to follow and a couple of factors to take into account, in order to make sure you maintain the activity as profitable as possible without falling prey to debauchery. Below, you will be able to find advice on the three main steps to a successful, profitable and somewhat safe betting experience.

[The Popularity Of Online Sports Betting]

1. Choose your bookmaker carefully! The first thing you need to do is select a bookmaker and sign up in order to be able to place bets online. There are numerous and various platforms available, from bookmakers with tradition like????to popular websites in all corners of the world like Bet365, so you need to research the market carefully and compare features thoroughly to find the most suitable bookmaker for you. There are several websites that offer in-depth reviews of all major online bookmakers and these will help you with your search for information and even with your decision. The choice of bookmaker will greatly influence your betting experience, because it affects the betting markets you choose, the odds you enjoy, the bonuses and promotions you may benefit from and so on.

2. Don’t become emotional! If you want to turn??? ?? into a steady income source, not just a passionate hobby that you do for fun from time to time, then you need to be logical in placing your bets and never wager on your favorite team or player. Also, you should never underestimate the odds of a certain team winning just because you don’t like them, so the bottom line is not to get emotional or let personal preferences interfere with your judgment of a situation.

3. Stay within a budget! Whether you are winning more than you thought this week or losing the next week, the best thing to do is set a certain budget that you can wager and stick to it regardless of the outcome. The thing about??? ?? is that it can easily become addictive and determine you to wager more than you can afford or lose everything that you’ve previously won on a single bet. By pinning down a certain budget and not overthrowing it no matter what, you can make sure that you don’t over do it and that your finances are safe.
Regardless of the bookmaker you choose, be that????, Bwin or Bet365, these three simple steps will help you start your betting journey towards profitability, although as you progress on this path, you should search for more tips and advice.

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