We Were All Ready to Run With it Until Charles Clarke Announced That He’s Ordered a Complete Review of Their Policy

I had a chat with Lyndon about resurrecting our poster campaign for the reclassification of cannabis. We were all ready to run with it until Charles Clarke announced that he’s ordered a complete review of their policy.

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I argued that we could still use them, but Lyndon vetoed that. A shame really as I think they were quite good. Lyndon’s always had a problem with our cannabis policy.

He says we’re open to attack because Labour’s policy is popular with the voters and saves loads of police time. I don’t think the people who smoke this stuff will be bothered to vote anyway, but he simply pointed to the ‘hash cake’ granny standing against Peter Hain.

Anyway, can’t stop now – I’m off to Kent for an Eduction photo-op.

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